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Summit AGSalt CoarseSummit AGSalt FineSalt may be one of the most cost effective methods of increasing production. Research has proven supplementing with sodium can give a significant production response.

  • Sodium in some form should be available at all times all year round
  • A dairy cows salt requirements increase significantly when lactating, as large amounts of sodium are excreted in milk
  • Young animals in rapid growth need sodium for new tissue formation
  • When sodium is deficient appetite is suppressed

Summit AgSalt can be used on the farm for feeding direct to stock, for mixing with concentrate and supplementary feeds, animal licks, mixing with hay or silage, for salt drenching, or for topdressing onto pasture.

Other uses can also include sprinkling on weeds to kill them, and for preserving skins and hides.  View our full product range or contact us to place an order or if you require further information

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Summit AgSalt Specification and Uses

Summit AgSalt Coarse is coarse, crushed, washed, kiln dried (stoved) salt and is suitable for stock feed.

Summit AgSalt Fine is fine classified salt. It is crushed, washed, kiln dried (stoved) and screened. The kiln drying process sterilises this salt. It is suitable for stock feed.

Summit AgSalt Coarse and Summit AgSalt Fine are both available in 25kg bags.

 Salt With Hay

The addition of salt to hay, either at stacking or at feeding out, enhances its palatability

Stacked Hay
Add salt to stacked hay by spreading over each layer of haybales at a rate of 1kg for every 10 bales

Feeding Out
Spread 500g of coarse salt with each bale of hay as it is fed out, leaving a trail of salted hay across the paddock. Or, form a brine by dissolving 2kg salt in 10 litres of water. Pour one litre of brine over each hay bale prior to feeding out.
Always ensure that an adequate supply of fresh water is available when feeding hay in this way.

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