Summit Dairy Amaize

Summit Dairy Amaize

Summit Dairy AmaizeSummit Amaize™ is specifically designed for inclusion with maize silage during feeding out.

It contains essential minerals to supplement maize silage to help maximise milk production in lactating dairy cows.

It is suitable for feeding out with maize silage and is also suitable for supplementing greenfed maize.

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Features & Benefits

  •     Convenient form, less waste and no mixing of dusty lime flour
  •     Greater accuracy – add the correct amount of supplementary salt, magnesium and calcium
  •     Flavour enhanced – contains molasses for greater palatability

Dose Rates

  •  200g per lactacting cow per day. (Based on a 400kg live weight)
  • 1 x 25kg bag = 125 cows (based on recommended dose rate of 200g per day)
  • Note: 200g of Amaize provides approximately 43 grams salt, 30 grams magnesium oxide, 123 grams of lime flour and molasses.
  • Important Notice: Do Not Feed Pre-Calving

Product form is loose mix. Available in 25kg bag.

Maize Silage Supplements

Salt may be one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing production. Research1 has shown that sodium supplementation can give a significant production response. The key conclusions are that:

  • Sodium in some form should be available at all times all year round
  • Dairy cows’ salt requirements increase significantly when lactating as large amounts of sodium are excreted in milk
  • Young animals in rapid growth need sodium for new tissue formation
  • Appetite suppression is linked to sodium deficiency

Maize Silage

Because maize is a natrophobic crop it does not take up sodium into its stubble or leaves. Maize stubble, stalks and leaves have very low sodium levels which are not capable of providing enough sodium for grazing animals even if the soil they grow on has high levels of sodium.

Maize silage is an excellent source of energy with high digestibility, however it is deficient in crude protein, and the major minerals calcium, magnesium and especially sodium.

Summit Amaize™ is specifically designed to optimise production when using maize silage and it includes salt, calcium and magnesium.

Why Calcium?

  • Essential for milk production and animal health
  • Aids in prevention of milk fever
  • Necessary for nerve and muscle function

Why Sodium?

  • Essential for milk production and animal health
  • Sodium is the major mineral essential to animal health on a continuous basis
  • High producers need high levels
  • Sodium – a powerful appetite stimulant
  • Proven – Dairy cows supplemented with 35gm/day salt gave 12.8% increase in milk production

Why Magnesium?

  • Essential for milk production and animal health
  • High Mg requirement during lactation especially in peak lactation

Special Features and Benefits of Amaize

  • Specifically designed for inclusion with maize silage to counter low mineral levels
  • Contains essential minerals:sodium, magnesium, calcium.
  • Added molasses for improved palatability
  • Convenient form – less waste and no handling of dusty lime flour
  • Greater accuracy – the correct amount of Na, Mg and Ca

Content – Active Elemental Loading

Calcium 42.3g Sodium 16.9
Magnesium 15g Salt 43g


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