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Summit Salt Endorsements

Salt (sodium) deficiency in New Zealand pastures is costing most dairy farmers milk production. Recent world leading research at Cambridge University proved that sodium supplementation gave significant production responses with increases in milk yield of up to 10%, milk fat up 5% and lactose up 3%.–Dr Steve Whittaker, B VSc. Veterinarian

A Marlborough high country sheep farmer split his mob into two prior to lambing – the sheep that had salt access tailed 154% while the controls tailed 127% – the following year he swapped the mobs and the group that had access to salt still tailed 20% more than the control.–Peter Anderson BVSc, Veterinarian

Sodium is vital to stock health. Sodium plays a major role maintaining body fluid balances transmitting nerve impulses and uptake of key nutrients from the bloodstream.–Greg Conners B Ag Sc., (Hons) Animal Nutritionist

In the past it was hit or miss. We thought we probably needed some salt but we knew that the cows at some times of the year really craved it and at other times they ignored it, and I wasn’t convinced that it was economically worthwhile providing them with salt at all times. The trial we did on my farm convinced me with a response of 13% that we must spend money on salt so we will be doing it consistently from now on.–Jim Rotherham – Waikite Valley Dairy Farmer


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