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Dominion Salt - Mount Maunganui

Dominion Salt – Mount Maunganui

In the early 1970s it became apparent that even with an annual output of 60,000 tonnes, Grassmere could not meet industry’s growing need for salt.

In 1971, at Mount Maunganui, in New Zealand’s North Island, a site was chosen for a plant to process bulk salt from either Lake Grassmere or overseas. Situated adjacent to one of New Zealand’s largest export ports, the Port of Tauranga, and in close proximity to key consumers such as the pulp and paper industry, the site proved ideal.

The installation of vacuum refining has allowed the company to develop a wide range of salt grades to meet the needs of the dairy, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries.

During 1973 – 1974, Dominion Salt commissioned a vacuum refinery at Mount Maunganui, with a view to supplying high purity, fine salts for food products. A smaller unit was built at Lake Grassmere in 1974 – 1975. Vacuum salt is of much higher purity than solar salt and is formed by the artificial evaporation of treated pure brine in a near vacuum.

The salt is first dissolved, and then treated to purify it. The clarified brine then goes through an evaporation plant where the crystals are formed in a super-saturated solution. The crystals are removed in a slurry, then dried. Pure Dried Vacuum salts (PDV)are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of products.

As part of the vacuum process, pure salt can be separated by screening – into fine and coarse particles. Extremely fine salt is milled into a flour-like consistency for use in dairy products and baking. Pharmaceutical grades (BP and USP) were developed in 1977 and are made from specifically prepared, high purity brine using the vacuum process. These premium grades are sold both nationally and internationally.

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