Dominion Salt

Dominion Salt – Harvested & Refined To Perfection

Dominion Salt, Mount Maunganui

Dominion Salt – Mount Maunganui

Dominion Salt is located in New Zealand, a land of striking contrasts. Seemingly endless stretches of golden sand vie for attention with snow-capped mountain ranges, magnificent glacier-fed fjords and waterways alive with salmon and trout. Our seas are hailed as offering some of the world’s finest game fishing.

It is this wealth of natural resources that encourages thousands of tourists to embark on a voyage of discovery each year. Flanked by the Tasman Sea and the vast Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, as an island nation, is one of the jewels in the Earth’s crown.

New Zealand’s primary produce has a reputation for excellence and is in demand the world over.

Internationally, consumers have declared their preference for produce with a “clean, green” pedigree.

Surely there can be no product purer, more natural or environmentally friendly than salt – pure sea water provided and evaporated by Nature, harvested and refined to perfection by Man.

Dominion Salt Locations

Dominion Salt has manufacturing plants in the following locations:

Summit – NZ’s most trusted salt in Agriculture