Features & Benefits

 Why Choose Summit Salt?

Summit Salt – Product Features

  • Main raw material is Solar salt from the Southern Oceans
  • Mineralised products are formulated specifically for NZ farming conditions.
  • Summit is the No.1 salt brand in agriculture in NZ
  • Known and trusted products used for generations in NZ
  • Sales are through rural merchant trade which provides buyers with nationwide coverage.
  • A variety of products available to suit customer and animal requirements
  • Responsive and reliable technical support where required
  • Proven and established logistics and distribution systems
  • Product is made to stock and is readily available at short notice.
  • Certification —; ISO 9001 – 2008

The Benefits Of Using Summit Salt

  • No.1 Salt brand in New Zealand agriculture industry
  • All salt blocks and mineralised products are specifically formulated for NZ farming conditions
  • Summit Salt product benefits and technical knowledge are backed up by trial work and research
  • Summit Rock Block (non-mineralised pressed salt block) weathers at less than half the rate of imported rock salt
  • Through Summit brand, Dominion Salt sponsors industry events and funds research work
  • Summit Salt offers up-to-date technical, product and usage information
  • Our packaging development has lead to the use of lifting slings for Harvest Salt blocks which lessen manual handling and improve safety when handling pallet lots of blocks
  • A dedicated Summit brand team of sales staff ensure customer satisfaction
  • Summit products have a proven track record

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Summit Salt – No.1 Choice Throughout New Zealand