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Salt (Sodium Chloride) is essential for animal health and production.   For more information on the uses of Salt on farm we encourage you to read the following booklet.  Hard copies available on request.

Salt Booklet - Cover     “Use of Salt in NZ Pastoral Farming”


Summit Salt – Your First Choice For Animal Health

Animals have sought salt since the beginning of time, gathering at salt licks to satisfy their need for salt. In the wild, animals will often risk great danger to satisfy their need for salt.

If animals in their natural habitat are prepared to risk all to obtain salt, it is essential that salt is provided in the domestic farm environment.

Sodium is vital to stock health and plays a major role in maintaining body fluid balances, transmitting nerve impulses and uptake of key nutrients from the bloodstream.

Many New Zealand soils and pastures are naturally low in available sodium and the use of certain fertilisers, such as Potash, may accelerate the leaching process. To assist with maintaining animal health, Summit Salt offers a wide choice of agricultural salt products, all with a range of features and benefits.

Summit Salt – Beneficial To Enhanced Milk Production In Cows

Sodium is vital to the efficient function of nerves and muscles and contributes to the hardening of the outer layer of bones. It is required for maintaining normal fluid volume, pH and is essential to the activity of various enzymes in cells, as well as being an important constituent of blood plasma and saliva.

Sodium supplementation has also been proven particularly beneficial to enhanced milk production in cows and a high sodium: potassium ratio has been shown to be an important factor in magnesium uptake.

In recent years, many scientific studies have been undertaken which have reinforced the need to feed adequate amounts of salt and trace minerals.

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